Day Seven: Wellness

Elena and Talin
Talin and Elena before American Football on the beach

The week so far has been action-packed, with multiple challenges and problems to solve for the CLC participants. But the programme also emphasises another important element of successful leadership: wellness, focus and reflection.

Wellness Sessions

Throughout the week, the team participates in a Wellness Session each morning before breakfast, hosted by different team members each day. So far our team have organised a hike, a game of American Football, and meditation on the beach.


Short bursts of free time here and there have also offered a welcome opportunity to take time and reflect on what each person has learned about themselves so far, what has been challenging and what they would like to gain from the rest of the challenge here in St Maarten.

The SHED Method

Leadership is not only about being able to lead a team, but also about knowing your own limits and ensuring you give yourself what you need to be healthy and happy both inside and outside of work.

The Shed Method, by Sara Milne Rowe

The team participated in conference call with Sara Milne Rowe, author of “The SHED Method”, which coached them on key skills for busy Menzies leaders in a dynamic environment like aviation.

The SHED method emphasises the importance of four elements: sleep, hydration, exercise and diet, along with staying focussed in times of change and other mental strength exercises.