Day Six: Graduation and Film Premiere

Today was the culmination of the CLC team’s efforts so far. The team organised and hosted a very special event this afternoon, at a fantastic venue in St Maarten.

Invitees included the K1 Britannia team, the NIPA apprentices, and the Little League children and their families.

Recruitment Workshop

IMG_1378 (2)
Attendees at the Recruitment Workshop

After a successful Personal Impact Workshop on Day Three of the challenge, the team hosted an even bigger, better workshop for attendees, including a drop-in Resume Workshop and a re-run of the Personal Impact Workshop.

Graduation Ceremony

To thank the NIPA apprentices for their hard work on skills exchange at NIPA and the Personal Impact Workshop, the Menzies CLC team hosted the apprentices in a graduation ceremony. Each attendee was presented with a certificate of achievement for their participation and attendance at the Personal Impact Workshop.

Film Premier: The Spirit of St Maarten

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-03 at 18.36.53
Wayne and Claire greet one of our VIP guests for the film premiere, the Head of the Court of Guardianship in St Maarten

Next, it was the world premiere of the CLC team’s film: “The Spirit of St Maarten: Paradise after the Storm”.

Throughout the week, our team gathered footage, divided roles and interviewed local people to create a film that captures the indomitable spirit of the island, its rich culture, resourceful people and the progress made in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

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