Day Five: Physical Challenge


Gordon and Talin on the hike
The view from the ski lift

We’ve spent time with the people of St Maarten, and today was the opportunity to see the beautiful landscape of the island. Day Five saw our team undertake two physical challenges: a hike and a zipline adventure.

The CLC team started before breakfast, setting off at 6am for a 10km hike. The route was very hilly in places, with an option to run part of the way. Several members of the group chose to run, while others took a more leisurely pace.

After a tasty breakfast of jolly cakes and fruit, the day continued with a visit to Rainforest Adventures.

The team took a ski lift to the summit of the highest point on the island, and then jumped back to the ground on the steepest zip line in the world!

It definitely took bravery from many of the team, with some last-minute wobbles and doubts, but in the end, every single person chose to go ahead and jump. And the whole team were glad they did.

After a rest and a quick shower, the team pushed forward in their preparations for upcoming challenges, including a big event planned for tomorrow.