St Maarten Challenge begins

CLC St Maarten: Day Zero from Menzies CLC on Vimeo.

Day Zero

Nearly all participants have arrived in St Maarten and tonight everyone gathered to learn what was in store for them over the coming week.

Hearing about the challenges ahead
Our participants have formed teams and will compete against each other in a series of physical, leadership and charitable challenges to discover just how far they can push themselves. They’ll learn and build new skills, expand their creative thinking, and maximise their social impact in support of the K1 Britannia Foundation.

Leadership Challenges

A series of leadership challenges are spread across the course of the programme, including communal cooking, wellness sessions hosted by our participants themselves, and running a Personal Impact Workshop for an invited audience of St Maarten young people.

Filming Challenge

St Maarten is still recovering from the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma in Autumn 2017. One year on, the storm continues to have an impact as funding arrives and reconstruction begins. Our participants will make a 5-minute film to capture “The Spirit of St Maarten”, depicting the uniqueness of the island and its culture.

Business Challenge

The teams will take part in an Innovation Hackathon, using a unique Design Thinking Process to solve a key business challenge for Menzies Aviation managers across the network.